Understanding the US Postal Service

How does the United States postal service track packages to APO and FPO addresses?

For each package that we forward to the United States Postal Service on your behalf, we are given a USPS Delivery Confirmation number. We send this tracking number to you so that you may be able to obtain information about your package from the USPS. Some APO/FPO locations are hooked into the USPS Delivery Confirmation system, others are not. Further, some APO/FPO locations are hooked in, but do not maintain tracking information. You may contact your local Postmaster for more details.

Why isn't Certified Mail a mail class option for forwarding to my APO/FPO mailing address even though my family can do it when they mail items to me?

Currently, the US Postal Service only offers Certified Mail at the US Post Office walk-up window and has not yet authorized this class of mail service to be implemented using the automated shipping software we use.

When it becomes available for use with our software we will offer it as an option.

Does ShipitAPO offer Express Mail refunds?

Due to the complexities of determining the ever-changing service commitments as provided by the USPS, which the USPS structures around "by the times authorized by the local postmaster," we are unable to offer Express Mail postage refunds. We do not recommend the selection of Express Mail since the U.S. Postal Service typically cannot deliver Express Mail as they promise. Priority Mail offers the best value.

Why are my packages going through Chicago?

Beginning in mid-2013, the United States Postal Service (USPS) in conjunction with the Military Postal Service Agency (MPSA) began resizing military mail processing operations from two coastal locations to one location in Chicago, IL to gain efficiencies in military mail delivery. As a result, nine-digit (ZIP+4) APO/FPO/DPO ZIP Codes are being required. Please contact your local APO/FPO/DPO Postal Staff for further information.


Can I insure my packages being forwarded from ShipitAPO to my APO/FPO address?

ShipitAPO offers the option of purchasing insurance for packages being forwarded from ShipitAPO to your APO/FPO address. In your account profile, you can change the coverage level as often as you wish. Also, since you can track the packages we process, you can purchase one amount for package A, check the database to confirm it was processed accordingly, then change your account preferences to purchase a different amount of insurance for packages B and C. We encourage you to change your insurance coverage as your needs change, even on a per package basis. A simple example is this--you just ordered a shirt from an on-line store. You do not want extra insurance on a shirt so you set your insurance preferences to no insurance. You log into your ShipitAPO account via our Members Area a couple of days later and see that the shirt has been received and is on it is way to your APO/FPO address. Then you find a great deal on that 30GB hard drive you wanted. You order it, then login to your ShipitAPO account and change your preferences to insure the hard drive for what you paid for it. Simple! You only pay for what you want or need. Your call.

NOTE: ShipitAPO uses a 3rd-party insurance carrier, which provides insurance coverage that may differ from what is provided by the USPS.

What is the default insurance coverage on my package?

The default insurance coverage is the amount of insurance that will be applied to all packages that we forward on your behalf. For basic membership, this defaults to $0.00. For premium membership, this defaults to $100.00. Any ShipitAPO member may adjust the default insurance coverage for his/her account via the ShipitAPO members’ area.

Can the default insurance be overridden?

The default insurance for all packages processed for an account may be overridden by specific package insurance coverage or by enabling OneReview within your ShipitAPO Account. This is optional insurance that may be added on a per-package basis via your ShipitAPO account.

What exactly is Specific Package Insurance Coverage?

Specific package insurance coverage is the amount of insurance that will be applied to a particular package identified by its incoming tracking number. This coverage overrides any default insurance coverage already in place.

Why would I need insurance on my package?

The purchase of insurance from ShipitAPO is absolutely not required. However, the United States Postal Service provides no built-in insurance coverage for packages mailed. You may elect to purchase insurance coverage from us at the US Postal Service published rates. You can change this amount at any time even on a per-package basis so that you always have the right amount of coverage on all your packages. It makes a great deal of sense to insure high-end items.
ShipitAPO provides three ways for you to manage insurance, postal class and overpacking and other options for your packages. All are available from within your ShipitAPO account.

First is a global setting, which means that all packages get processed as your settings request but can be changed on a per-package-basis as often as you want. The idea here is that you stagger your incoming packages so you have time to update your ShipitAPO account to reflect the way you want us to process your packages.

Another is a specific package process. You enter a tracking number for a specific package (provided to you by the merchant or shipper) and only that particular package will be processed the way you choose, all others will be processed per your Global Settings. This option is useful for when you have more than one package arriving at your ShipitAPO Address at one time.

The last is via OneReview. With your OneReview All Packages preference set to YES, all packages are stopped for you to review. Upon review you can select a desired processing option for only that particular package, which can include specific insurance, postal class, destination and overpacking.

Please review our insurance restrictions here.

Note that some of these options have additional fees.

How do I add insurance on a package that was not delivered via UPS or Federal Express?

You should enable OneReview within your ShipitAPO Account. This will stop ALL your packages, after which you can add the needed insurance to each package.

Can I add insurance to a package that has already left your facility?

Our third party insurance company requires that all insurance be applied to packages before they leave our ShipitAPO facility.

Please review our insurance restrictions here.

I purchased insurance for my package, but when I received my package there was no indication on it that insurance had been applied.

ShipitAPO does not use the United States Postal Service to insure packages; we use a private third party insurance provider. Your proof of insurance is provided on the email that you receive when your package is processed, but not on the package itself. Rest assured, your package was insured for the full amount that you specified.

Please review our insurance restrictions here.

What is the maximum amount of insurance allowable by ShipitAPO?

Per U.S. Postal Service rules, each package can be insured to a maximum of $5000.

Please review our insurance restrictions here.

My package is lost or damaged and I purchased insurance, what do have to do now?

If you purchased insurance and your package is lost or damaged, you need to file a claim. This means completing and sending us the ShipitAPO Insurance Claim form by the deadline. The deadline is this: ShipitAPO needs to receive a completed claim form no later than 85 days from the date we processed your package. You cannot call us, email us, send us a letter or anything else stating that you need to make a claim or are making a claim, etc. You actually have to complete the claim form and send it to us and we have to receive it before the deadline before any claim can be made. You can download our claim form here.

How long does the claim process take?

Once we have received your claim, the adjudication process takes approximately 45 days. Assuming favorable adjudication, a check will be sent shortly thereafter.

Letter Mail Forwarding

Do you forward letter mail?

Per our Terms of Use, ShipitAPO is not a private mailbox. Any letter mail we may receive is incidental to our parcel forwarding service. Should any incidental letter mail be received at your EXACT ShipitAPO address, we will hold such items (e.g. properly addressed letter mail), placing as many items that will fit into a U.S. Postal Service Priorty Mail Flat Rate envelope and then forward such envelopes on a quarterly basis unless you complete a Declination Form or ask for forwarding of such items sooner via our Envelope on Demand service.

I don't ever want any mail forwarded to me. How do I set this up?

You need to complete and return to us the Declination of Service form. This is the method by which you declare and authorize that as your agent we are not to forward your letter mail to you and that you want us to dispose of it. The form and instructions can be found in our UserCenter Area or by clicking here.

What type of mail will you forward?

Per our Terms of Use, ShipitAPO is not a private mailbox. Any letter mail we may receive is incidental to our parcel forwarding service. We will forward any non-Parcel items (e.g. letter mail) per our Terms of Use. When any letter mail is received at an EXACT ShipitAPO Address, we place it into a United States Postal Service Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope and hold it until forwarding time.

How much does it cost to have my mail forwarded?

Per our Terms of Use, ShipitAPO is not a private mailbox. Any letter mail we may receive is incidental to our parcel forwarding service. Should we end up forwarding mail on your behalf, for each USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope forwarded, your ShipitAPO account will be charged the appropriate postage and our normal handling fee, no matter how few or how many letter pieces are contained in the envelope when forwarded.

Can I have my mail forwarded to me more frequently?

Per our Terms of Use, ShipitAPO is not a private mailbox. Any letter mail we may receive is incidental to our parcel forwarding service. We do not offer a more frequent automatic letter mail forwarding option than quarterly. However, we can forward any held mail "on demand." In order to request "on demand" forwarding, visit the ShipitAPO UserCenter and go to Settings > Letter Mail and turn the On-Demand Status to On. You can use this "on demand" service every 3-days since the last time it was checked. A separate and additional service fee may apply.

Can I use ShipitAPO for a permanent letter forwarding address?

No. Per our Terms of Use, ShipitAPO is not a private mailbox. So please do not have any letter mail sent to us.


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