Prohibited Items

My package contains prohibited materials. What does that mean?

When a package arrives to our facility with a label of ORM-D, it means that it may contain prohibited materials. This label stands for Other Regulated Materials - Domestic, which is a shipping term as established by the United States Department Of Transportation, followed by all the shipping carriers, including the United States Postal Service. Your vendor places the label. The USPS will not accept packages marked ORM-D when addressed to an APO/FPO address. This means when we receive packages with this label, we cannot process them because the USPS will not ship them. We have absolutely no control over what types of packages get delivered to us but we are prevented from mailing out certain packages per USPS rules. If you want more details about these prohibited materials, please visit this link: http://pe.usps.gov/text/pub52/welcome.htm.

What types of materials are prohibited?

Specifics about prohibited materials can be found at this link: http://pe.usps.gov/text/pub52/welcome.htm. Prohibited materials that we receive regularly include aerosols, batteries, alcohol, flammable materials, solvents and corrosives. It is better for our members to know what is prohibited by the United States Postal Service BEFORE attempting to forward them.

Can I just pay more to get my prohibited items shipped to me?

The rules about transporting prohibited items are issued by the United States Postal Service. To deliberately attempt to forward prohibited items would be a violation of the United States Postal Service.

Can fruit, nut, candy or vegetable baskets be forwarded to APO or FPO addresses?

At this point in time, the United States Postal Service prohibits the forwarding of fruits, nuts, candies or vegetables to many APO or FPO addresses. Use our ZIP Code Restrictions tool here to find more -- https://secure.shipitapo.com/usps/restrictions/zip_search.php

Can I just pay more to get my prohibited items shipped to me?

Unfortunately, no. The rules about transporting prohibited items are issued by the United States Postal Service. To deliberately attempt to forward prohibited items would be a violation of the United States Postal Service.

Can you forward my prohibited items packages to my mom?

Yes, we can forward your prohibited items packages to any stateside address because the USPS rules permit that.

Can my prohibited items packages be returned to sender?

Yes and no. No, if you are thinking these packages can be "handed back" to the shipper. Yes, we can forward them back to the sender. Because these packages have been successfully delivered and we have had them in our possession for at least one day, no shipping carrier will "take them back" via a "refused" or "return to sender" process. Return shipping fees are required. You can however, try to get the merchant to set up a CALL TAG, which is a process whereby the original shipping carrier returns to collect the package for its return. In short, if you want a prohibited items package sent back to the merchant, shipping and handling fees apply. For such a return, it's best to follow the merchant's returned merchandise procedures.

Special Package Services

For security reasons, I'd like to overpack one of my packages. Is that possible?

Many of our ShipitAPO members request an "Overpack" of their packages. When we overpack, place your package inside another box. The outer box is marked with the United States Postal Service address label and customs forms.

Without overpacking, what modifications does ShipitAPO make to my package?

When we process a package on behalf of a ShipitAPO member, we use the original box but apply the U.S. Postal Service address label and customs forms overtop of any original labels. If there are logos or markings on the package, it is likely that they will be visible. We do not modify or open the packages.

How do I request special package services?

All special package services are requested from within your ShipitAPO Account. Once logged in, from the Dashboard click on: Specific Package Services: Manage. You will need the tracking number of the package for which you are making specific service request. Specific Package Service Requests include: Changing a package's destination address, changing the mail postal class and changing insurance coverage. We also have a service which allows you to request the overpacking of the incoming box. Overpacking is useful for providing another layer of cardboard (your package put inside another box or your package wrapped in another layer of shipping-grade cardboard), which would help disguise the original "type of package" you originally had sent to us and provide another layer of protection for the contents inside your package during transit while in the hands of the shipping carrier. We also offer a new service called Jump the Queue. As its name implies, once selected, we will make our best effort in processing the specific package within hours of its delivery, vice our normal turnaround time of under two business days. If we are unable to provide the requested Jump the Queue service, you will not be charged. We make no guarantees whatsoever, that we will be able to provide Jump the Queue services. The fees for each Specifc Package Service will be displayed during the setup of each service requested.

I made a mistake. Can you refuse to accept a package so it gets returned to sender?

Lots of people think of the delivery person at their front door of their home or apartment who has one package in his/her hand. Unfortunately, that's not the case at our warehouses where the delivery person is trying to get hundreds of packages off the truck as quickly as possible. Coupled with this is the fundamental question: Which one of those packages in the pile is yours? If you request that we refuse a package so it's "returned to sender," we will make every effort to do so. If we are successful, you will be charged a Service Fee. If we couldn't refuse the package, you will be notified (via email).

Can you repack a parcel for me if it is too big or too heavy to be forwarded to me?

We offer repacking services for packages that are too big or too heavy to be forwarded. However, not all packages CAN be repacked, it depends on the contents of the package. We do not repack TVs or anything that would need to be mechanically or electrically disassembled. A repacking assessment costs $15.00, at which time a repacking quote is provided. Our repacking services start at $45.00 (bike repacking starts at $75.00) and increases from there when the repacking gets complex. Repacking services do not include forwarding services or repack assessment. While we will do our best to repack your items, ShipitAPO makes no guarantee of any kind that a repacked package will arrive at the forwarding destination damage-free and will not provide reimbursement for its repacking fees should any damage occur while in transit to the forwarding destination or anytime thereafter. Accordingly, we recommend that you purchase insurance for any repackaged package prior to it being forwarded. For more information on the fees involved in repacking, please visit: http://www.shipitapo.com/pricing/pricing.php?view=handling#handling

What happens to my package if it cannot be repacked?

If a package cannot be repacked, then you have several options: You may elect to forward the package to an alternate stateside address, you may elect to have us forward the package back to the vendor or you may elect to abandon the package. Forwarding a package back to the vendor means that you would have to pay the shipping fees in addition to ShipitAPO's normal package processing fees. A complete list of fess can be found here http://www.shipitapo.com/pricing/pricing.php?view=handling#handling. To avoid having to pay the return shipping costs when wanting a package sent back to the vendor, you should try to obtain a CALL TAG from the vendor or pre-paid return shipping lable. Such a CALL TAG is a mechanism whereby the vendor gets the shipping carrier to return to our location and collect the package. You can email us or upload any Pre-paid labels within your ShipitAPO Account. Both CALL TAGs and Pre-Paid labels are way better options than having us arrange the return shipping because ShipitAPO does not have any super sweet shipping contracts; our shipping costs are basically full retail.

Are there fees associated with special package services?

There are fees associated with special package services, depending on the complexity of the service. Please visit http://www.shipitapo.com/pricing/pricing.php?view=handling#handling for details of the various fees.

Can I choose to forward a specific package to an alternate address?

We can forward any package for you to an alternate stateside address or an alternate APO/FPO address. You may instruct us via the ShipitAPO UserCenter. All you need is the tracking number for the package that you'd like to forward. Please visit your ShipitAPO UserCenter and click on the "New" tab under the "Service Requests" section on the main dashboard.

One of my packages is at your ShipitAPO facility and it has become a problem because the United States Postal Service will not forward it to me. What can I do?

When we have a package of yours that is a problem because the United States Postal Service will not forward it, you have several options. First, you may direct us to forward it to an alternate stateside address. Second, you may direct us to simply abandon it. Third, you may direct us to return it to sender so that you may be credited for it. If you’d like to return it to the sender, you will need to first contact the sender and request that they issue: A return merchandize authorization (RMA), which ensures that you are properly credited for a refund. You will let us know if we need to add this RMA number to the box before it is returned. If you do not obtain this RMA number, you may not get your money back from the merchant. A CALL TAG, which requests that the shipping carrier return to our location and pick up the package. If you do not obtain this Call Tag, you will need to pay for return shipping yourself.

I just realized that you forwarded a package to me that I no longer want. What should I do?

When you receive a package that you have decided that you no longer want, you have several options. You may decide to send it back to ShipitAPO with instructions to return it to your vendor. A better option would be for you to return it directly to your vendor.

Can I request that you consolidate my packages into one package?

Lots of people ask for "combining packages," "putting everything into one box," etc., for many different reasons. While we have such a service, it may not meet your personal needs. Please review our pricing structure below.
$9.00 -- Handling fee per incoming package.
$20.00 -- Consolidation Fee.
$10.00 -- Extra box fee (if more that one box is required)
TBD -- Outgoing postage based on weight and dimensions of resulting box(es).
$9.00 -- Handling fee per resulting box(es).
$2.25 -- Issue Resolution Fee per incoming package. This includes 14 days of free storage per package.

Accordingly, how practical/valuable such a service is to you, can only be decided by you. It all depends on what you want consolidated/combined and why.
Should you want us to perform such a consolidation, please contact us first.

ShipitAPO Rewards

ShipitAPO Package Points™ / Parcel Points™

You earn one (1) Package Point / one (1) Parcel Point for each package we forward on your behalf. Enrollment is automatic.

When you refer a friend to ShipitAPO and they ship a package within 30-days of registration, we will reward you with six (6) Package Points™ / Parcel Points™, crediting them to your ShipitAPO account. The more friends you refer to us the more Points you earn. There is no limit.

For every six (6) Package Points™ / six (6) Parcel Points™ earned, upon redemption, you receive one (1) Handling Fee Credit. For each Handling Fee Credit used, we waive our Handling Fee (based on your ShipitAPO Membership level) for your next package.

No Points are earned when redeemed Points are used when forwarding a package.

All Package Points™ / Parcel Points™ expire on 31 December of the year earned and cannot be converted to actual currency in any form.

Business/Procurement Accounts are ineligible.

Where can I find my Package Points™ / Parcel Points™ Balance?

Once logged into your ShipitPO Account, go to Account > Billing & Balances. You curent points total will be displayed within the section titled "ShipitAPO Handling Fee Credits".

How do I redeem Package Points™ / Parcel Points™?

Once logged into your ShipitAPO Account, go to Account > Billing & Balances. Points are redeemed for Handling Fee credits. One (1) Handling Fee Credit equals six (6) Package Points™ or six (6) Parcel Points™ NOTE: No Points are earned when redeemed Points are used when forwarding a package. All Package™ / Parcel™ Points expire on 31 December of the year earned and cannot be converted to actual currency in any form. Business/Procurement accounts are ineligible.


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