Why did ShipitAPO refuse to accept delivery of my package?

  • 2007-08-26 07:36:56
  • 2,682

Once we are receipt of a package that can obviously not be forwarded due to United States Postal Service regulations, the package becomes a costly problem both for you and for us. The package is stuck at our facility and our members are also stuck because they own the package already but cannot get it shipped to them. Since we receive huge volumes of packages each day, it is not always possible to refuse delivery of a problem package, but when we are able, it is a big win for our members, even though you will be billed a Service Charge. The package goes directly back to the vendor and you would not be faced with dealing with a "stuck" package, one that cannot be mailed to an APO/FPO/DPO address and one that you would have to pay to have shipped via UPS/FedEx either to mom/dad or back to the merchant. If you know that you have a too large/heavy to mail package coming to us and you do not want us to refuse it, you MUST email us about this BEFORE the package arrives at our facility. Such an email needs to contain your ShipitAPO OneNumber and the tracking number of the package.

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