Why would I need insurance on my package?

  • 2007-08-26 07:57:45
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The purchase of insurance from ShipitAPO is absolutely not required. However, the United States Postal Service provides no built-in insurance coverage for packages mailed. You may elect to purchase insurance coverage from us at the US Postal Service published rates. You can change this amount at any time even on a per-package basis so that you always have the right amount of coverage on all your packages. It makes a great deal of sense to insure high-end items.
ShipitAPO provides three ways for you to manage insurance, postal class and overpacking and other options for your packages. All are available from within your ShipitAPO account.

First is a global setting, which means that all packages get processed as your settings request but can be changed on a per-package-basis as often as you want. The idea here is that you stagger your incoming packages so you have time to update your ShipitAPO account to reflect the way you want us to process your packages.

Another is a specific package process. You enter a tracking number for a specific package (provided to you by the merchant or shipper) and only that particular package will be processed the way you choose, all others will be processed per your Global Settings. This option is useful for when you have more than one package arriving at your ShipitAPO Address at one time.

The last is via OneReview. With your OneReview All Packages preference set to YES, all packages are stopped for you to review. Upon review you can select a desired processing option for only that particular package, which can include specific insurance, postal class, destination and overpacking.

Please review our insurance restrictions here.

Note that some of these options have additional fees.

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