Can I insure my packages being forwarded from ShipitAPO to my APO/FPO address?

  • 2007-08-26 07:54:44
  • 1,713

ShipitAPO offers the option of purchasing insurance for packages being forwarded from ShipitAPO to your APO/FPO address. In your account profile, you can change the coverage level as often as you wish. Also, since you can track the packages we process, you can purchase one amount for package A, check the database to confirm it was processed accordingly, then change your account preferences to purchase a different amount of insurance for packages B and C. We encourage you to change your insurance coverage as your needs change, even on a per package basis. A simple example is this--you just ordered a shirt from an on-line store. You do not want extra insurance on a shirt so you set your insurance preferences to no insurance. You log into your ShipitAPO account via our Members Area a couple of days later and see that the shirt has been received and is on it is way to your APO/FPO address. Then you find a great deal on that 30GB hard drive you wanted. You order it, then login to your ShipitAPO account and change your preferences to insure the hard drive for what you paid for it. Simple! You only pay for what you want or need. Your call.

NOTE: ShipitAPO uses a 3rd-party insurance carrier, which provides insurance coverage that may differ from what is provided by the USPS.

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