What are the common size/weight and content restrictions on packages mailed by the USPS?

  • 2021-06-30 13:45:22
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The USPS has many rules and regulations regarding what can and cannot be mailed. In general, these are the rules, but some zip codes have more strict limitations:

  • No package can exceed 72 inches in any length/dimension. {Length is ALWAYS the longest side of the package}
  • No package can exceed 130 inches in total size. {Total size is calculated by adding length + width + width + height + height}
  • No package can exceed 70 pounds in weight.
  • All packages that exceed 108 inches (total size) but do not exceed 130 inches must be mailed via Oversized Parcel/Ground mail services. These packages can take 6-8 weeks to be delivered. {Most mailable bikes are in this category}
  • Each APO/FPO/DPO zip code has its own set of restrictions, which supersede all general size, weight and content restrictions above. Use this tool to get familiar with your specific zip code restrictions.
To be sure that the item(s) you want can be mailed you, you need to know the exact weight and dimensions of each of the box(es) in which the item(s) ship(s). If you need to contact the merchant to verify package dimensions, weight and/or contents, please do. Once you know this information, you can compare it to the restrictions shown above to determine mailability. Once you know all the info and determine that your items can indeed be forwarded to you, you can use our Quote Tool to obtain the cost and associated mailing class.

We do offer a repacking service, but not all items are repackable into small enough or light enough boxes to be mailed.

If you have questions about which mailing class is right for you, what items can be overpacked, repacked, or consolidated, or are curious about the difference between Priority, Express, and Parcel Post, please check out our FAQs for more information.


The USPS has strict limitations on contents that can be mailed to you abroad. Specifics about prohibited materials can be found at this link: http://pe.usps.gov/text/pub52/welcome.htm and in more detail at our Prohibited Items FAQ section.

Prohibited materials that we receive regularly include aerosols, batteries, alcohol, flammable materials, solvents and corrosives. It is better for our members to know what is prohibited by the United States Postal Service BEFORE attempting to forward them. If we are unable to forward a package on to your Package Destination Address, oftentimes we are able to forward your packages to another stateside address or work with you to return the package(s) to the vendor. (See Service Requests in our FAQs).

It's especially important to be aware of the US Postal Service regulations around Lithium batteries. As of 15 November 2012, the United States Postal Service, again permits the mailing of items containing lithium batteries.

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