What happens to my package if it cannot be repacked?

  • 2007-08-26 08:16:59
  • 1,705

If a package cannot be repacked, then you have several options: You may elect to forward the package to an alternate stateside address, you may elect to have us forward the package back to the vendor or you may elect to abandon the package. Forwarding a package back to the vendor means that you would have to pay the shipping fees in addition to ShipitAPO's normal package processing fees. A complete list of fess can be found here http://www.shipitapo.com/pricing/pricing.php?view=handling#handling. To avoid having to pay the return shipping costs when wanting a package sent back to the vendor, you should try to obtain a CALL TAG from the vendor or pre-paid return shipping lable. Such a CALL TAG is a mechanism whereby the vendor gets the shipping carrier to return to our location and collect the package. You can email us or upload any Pre-paid labels within your ShipitAPO Account. Both CALL TAGs and Pre-Paid labels are way better options than having us arrange the return shipping because ShipitAPO does not have any super sweet shipping contracts; our shipping costs are basically full retail.

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