Getting Started with ShipitAPO

How to Use ShipitAPO

How it works

Since you’ve signed up for ShipitAPO, you no doubt know shopping online abroad can be a headache. Many online retailers don’t ship to APO/FPO/DPO addresses - leaving your shopping cart accidentally stranded.

By signing up for a free, basic ShipitAPO account or the optional Premier Membership, you can now shop, tax-free, at any store you desire, regardless of their shipping and packaging handling policies. Use your ShipitAPO Address (including your full name and account number) as your Ship To Address when buying items online. Items you buy online will be sent to your new ShipitAPO Address and forwarded to your APO/FPO/DPO, Alaska, Hawaii, US Territory and State Department Pouch addresses, if the package is following US Postal Service and international mailing guidelines.

We recognize that merchants do not always get your ShipitAPO Account number on the packages they ship, which then causes ownership uncertainty on our end, so we have a Package Pre-Claim process available that can be used when you want to ensure we know which package is yours before it arrives. To pre-claim or search lost & found for a package, log into your ShipitAPO Account and use the search bar at the top of the dashboard. We never guess if the account number is missing or incomplete on packages, so we encourage you to ensure your full account details are on each incoming package.

Shop online   Package is mailed to ShipitAPO   Package is forwarded to your address


Know Before You Buy

The two most important things to always think about before buying an item online are Size/Weight and Contents. This section will give you pointers on how to verify and validate your purchases to try and avoid scenarios where ShipitAPO receives a package that is ineligible for forwarding to your destination address.


All packages forwarded by ShipitAPO to your destination address are mailed via the US Postal Service. ShipitAPO is not responsible for the delivery of your package in any way. This is the responsibility of the US Postal Service and Military Postal Service (for APO/FPO/DPO addresses).

The USPS has many rules and regulations regarding what can and cannot be mailed. In general, these are the rules but some zip codes have more strict limitations:

  • No package can exceed 72 inches in any length/dimension. {Length is ALWAYS the longest side of the package}
  • No package can exceed 130 inches in total size. {Total size is calculated by Length + (Width * 2) + (Depth *2) = Total Size}
  • No package can exceed 70 pounds in weight.
  • All packages that exceed 108 inches (total size) but do not exceed 130 inches must be mailed via Oversized Parcel/Ground mail services. These packages can take 6-8 weeks to be delivered. {Most mailable bikes are in this category}
  • Each APO/FPO/DPO zip code has its own set of restrictions, which supercede all general size, weight and content restrictions above. Use this tool to get familiar with your specific zip code restrictions.

To be sure that the item(s) you want can be mailed to you, you need to know the exact weight and dimensions of each box in which the item(s) ship(s). If you need to contact the merchant to verify package dimensions, weight and/or contents, please do. Once you know this information, you can compare it to your specific zip restrictions to determine mailability. Once you know all of the info and determine that your items can indeed be forwarded to you, you can use our Quote Tool to obtain the complete forwarding costs for ShipitAPO services.

We do offer a repacking service, but not all items are repackable into small enough or light enough boxes to be mailed.

If you have questions about which mail class is right for you, what items can be overpacked, repacked, consolidated or are curious about the differences between Priority, Express, and Parcel Select, please check out our FAQs for more information.


The USPS has strict limitations on contents that can be mailed to you abroad. Specifics about prohibited materials can be found at this link: and in more details at our Prohibited Items FAQ section.

Prohibited materials that we receive regularaly include aerosols, batteries, alcohol, flammable materials, solvents, and corrosives. It is better for our members to know what is prohibited by the US Postal Service BEFORE attempting to forward them. If we are unable to forward a package on to your Package Destination Address, oftentimes we are able to forward your packages to another stateside address or wirht with you to return the package(s) to the vendor. (See Service Requests in our FAQs)

Lithium Batteries

It's especially important to be aware of the US Postal Service regulations around Lithium batteries. The US Postal Service permits the mailing of items containing lithium batteries under the following conditions:

  • Lithium batteries must be installed inside the electronic device
  • No more than (2) lithium batteries per package
  • No "bare" batteries are allowed, such as packages containing only a "replacement/spare" battery or non-rechargeable lithium batteries such as watch/coin batteries
  • 100 WH maximum sized lithium battery

Unfortunately, not electronic items ship from the manufacturer/merchant with the battery installed inside the device. Such examples are (some) cell phones, digital cameras, power tools, Bluetooth accessories, and some (PC) laptops. When we encounter such packages, they cannot be mailed "as is".

When in doubt, you can do a Google Search for unboxing videos for your item. There are thousands of products where users have recorded an unboxing video for various products and you can typically clearly see how the lithium battery is shipped in the manufacturer packaging.

Worst case, we do offer a Lithium Battery Installation service to make problematic lithium items compliant. For an additional $20 fee, we will open the package, install the associated batteries and reseal the package thus making the package and its contents compliant with US Postal Service mailing regulations.